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Buy Continental international calling card from United States -

Our online store offers to buy telephone cards for international calls worldwide. If you are committing a lot of international calls, then our service will allow you to save a lot of money. The fact is that the price of phone calls very different from different ISPs, sometimes dozens of times. With our service you can pick the cheapest rate for international negotiations. - Read more

Order AT&T online calling cards from Africa -

On our site you can buy telephone cards for international calls. There are many different types of cards. Our service will help you pick the most advantageous course for long-distance call. Buy a telephone card is very easy. After selecting a card and you will receive payment pin code on your email. - Read more

Buy prepaid phone cards from South America -

Our internet shop offers you cheap phone cards for the international calls. There are many telephone operators, the prices at which differ very strongly. We suggest you to choose the cheapest provider by means of our service of search of phone cards on the country where you would like to call. It will allow you to save very many money, especially if you often conduct international calls by phone. - Read more

Telephone card -

Find and buy best prepaid telephone cards for international telephone calls. Search best rates from a variety of phone cards. Buy card online and receive instantly. Fast, Easy, Cheap, and Secure order. You can use it to place an international call home anywhere at any time. We provides only high quality and low price phone cards.. - Read more

At&t prepaid phone cards - offer the cheapest and most qualitative international prepaid phone cards. Order your virtual phone card instantly and call immediately. No hidden costs, economical telecommunications prices. - Read more

Buy prepaid calling cards -

We carry wide selection of prepaid calling cards that satisfy any consumer and meet every calling need. Our prepaid calling services evolved into much more than just phone cards: PIN-less Dialing - just register phone numbers you call from, see more. - Read more

International Calls . -

We provide international calls for You with finest quality & clear connections! Low-Cost international calls at fantastic rates! Easy to use phone cards service. - Read more

Prepaid international cell phones to India -

Our online store phone cards can offer you a wide choice of calling cards of different providers. Each provider its tariffs at different distances and to save money you must find the cheapest rate. With the help of user-friendly interface, you can easily choose the cheapest tariff, which will allow you to save up to 60% of your money in international calls. - Read more

Buy Partner prepaid phone cards to USA -

In our online shop you can buy prepaid telephone cards for international calls. With our service you can choose the cheapest phone card. You just need to specify the distance of your call and we pick up your phone card on a best rate. We hope you will be satisfied with our services and we have yet to come. - Read more

Buy Middle East online phone cards to Spain -

We are offers a variety of high quality international calling cards and prepaid phone cards that can be used all over the world for domestic and long distance calls anytime from your home. Prepaid International Phone Card is dedicated to provide long distance phone card services like international calling cards and prepaid phone cards with crisp, clear connections and automatic search. - Read more

International Calling Cards -

Rechargeable prepaid phone card offering low rates worldwide and quality connections everytime. Card offers many great features like auto recharge, no-pin dialing and speed dial. Available online or by phone. - Read more

International Phone Cards -

Internets leading phone card store offering over 400 different prepaid calling cards for sale. All orders are processed same day and pins delivered electronicaly via email. - Read more

Virtual Phone Cards -

Calling card superstore with a wide variety of different cards to suit all of your phone card needs. Low prices and instant pin delivery via email on all approved orders. - Read more

NobelCom Calling Cads -

Nobel International calling card offer the ultimate in convenience for phone card users at the lowest cost available. NobelCom calling card are better than traditional phone cards because you don't need to enter a PIN, you wont run out of money and you can call anywhere in world. - Read more

Middle East cheap phone cards from Romania -

The Internet shop of telephone cards. The cheapest tariffs for long distance calls worldwide. The help in a choice of a calling card and the best rates price for a minute of conversation. Also other services, such as IP a telephony, SMS a call, conference call, WEB a call etc. After payment for the chosen phone card you receive all necessary data on your e-mail instantly. - Read more